How To Setup Business or Personal Emails For Your Website/Domain

I’m assuming you are reading this article because you have a domain or active website but don’t know how to setup emails for your website. Well, this is the right place for you.  Let’s get started.

  1. STEP 1 – Log in to cPanel 

    The first step is logging in to your hosting cPanel (which is simply the short name for control panel). You may or may not know how to get to your cPanel but you simply go to or or whatever domain name it may be.
    The credentials for your cPanel were provided you initially paid for web hosting. If someone helped you do this and did not provide such information to you, simply ask them for these credentials.

    cpanel login screen
    cPanel Login Screen
  2. STEP 2 – Find Email Accounts 
    cPanel Home Page

    If you successfully logged in you should be seeing a screen similar to the one about. Now scroll down until you get to “Email” and click on “Email Accounts”


  3. STEP 3 – Create The Desired Email Address 

    For some, this may be the final while others might even need more.  Check the configuration diagram

    Email Configuration

    That is it! Your brand new email is not set up for you. So if you, it is now live and you can send/receive emails.

  4. STEP 4 – Access Your Mailbox 

    To access your mailbox or email, there are two possible methods, first method is simply clicking on the “more” drop-down button in next to the account you want access and then click on “Access Webmail” or alternatively you go to and enter the credentials for the email account you want to access.

    Access Webmail From cPanel > Email Accounts
  5. STEP 5 – Set Up Email Forwarding (Optional) 

    This is an optional step, I used cPanel for a while without realizing that you can forward emails to other email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and so on.
    Search for forwarders in cPanel and select the on add forwarder. Email the email account you want to forward (e.g enter admin if you want to for all emails sent to and then the email you want to forward to, e.g all emails sent to  will automatically be sent to your Gmail account. Note that the emails are saved on your server too.

That’s it. I hope you can now confidently set up emails for your domain.  Feel free to leave a comment if this article helped or if you have any question. Suggestions are welcome too, thanks for reading.

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