How to fix “Disconnected” error in Bytecoin Wallet

I recently started mining bytecoin. I got my bytecoin wallet setup through the official bytecoin wallet software for windows (v1.1.9.3). All went well on the first couple of runs until I received a payment after mining my first 50bcn through bytecoin party.

It was frustrating to find that my wallet couldn’t synchronize and the bottom right, it was showing a “disconnected” message. This was scary for me as I thought all the efforts made in mining my first cryptocurrency had just gone to waste.

bytecoin wallet

I thought of just changing my bytecoin address on bytecoin party but that was just going to reset my accumulated hashes, which I did not want. I decided to search deeper until I came across a similar problem within the bytecoin forum. Somebody had shared the problem but there was no one to respond. He/she later responded to their own article saying the had solved the problem by changing the node. I had no idea what this person was talking about till I decided to read through other posts on the forums. I finally came across a post that was talking changing the fastest remote node.

It is simply done by changing the connection from “Auto selection” to “remote daemon” and setting the host to “” and port “8081“. At the time of posting, this is believed to be the fastest node. I personally cannot judge what is better as I just got into the cryptocurrency world recently and keeping my fingers crossed hoping for great profits in the long run.

bytecoin wallet connect configuration

2 thoughts on “How to fix “Disconnected” error in Bytecoin Wallet

    1. Hey Mykael, seems that node isn’t working. I just opened my wallet today after a while.
      However, I got it working again by changing the connection to “auto selection” instead of the remote daemon. I hope it works out for you too.

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