Earn Free Bitcoin Cash Every 5 Minutes And Other Altcoin

Since the end of 2017, there’s been a lot of buzz behind cryptocurrencies. Well not everyone can afford or is willing to spend over $11, 000 to get 1 BTC (Bitcoin) or more than $1,000 on an altcoin like bitcoin cash (BCH).

What if I told you there’s a way you can earn a decent amount of bitcoin cash every 5 minutes, without any effort. Thanks to the “The Moon Team”, at least that’s what I call them, I have been earning just enough BCH satoshis every day.

moon bitcoin cash claim

Yes, I had to provide claim proof. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my best claim because my mystery bonus was just 1%. So far, the highest mystery bonus I received was 89%. So far this faucet, like any other moon faucet is pretty fair and the daily bonus is a huge boost.

How to start claiming

Enough of the long intro, here are your 2 easy steps to start earning bitcoin cash (BCH) every 5 minutes.

  1. coinpot
    CoinPot Microwallet

    Click here to join Coinpot micro wallet for instant payout.

  2. Now click here to join the moon bitcoin cash faucet. Simply insert your CoinPot email, wait for five (5) minutes and click claim to get your first BCH for free moon bitcoin cash.

That’s it, just two steps and you can earn a couple of satoshis every day with extra an extra bonus for every claim.

Want more free crypto? 

Well, this is bitcoin cash article. Other currencies have their own articles, but you can click on the banners below to earn the coins. The process is the same as the faucets are all by “the moon team” with their easy to claim faucets.

Moon Bitcoin
Free Bitcoin (BTC) Faucet
Moon Dashcoin
Free Dashcoin (DSH) Faucet
Moon Dogecoin
Free Dogecoin Faucet
Moon Litecoin
Free Litecoin (LTC) Faucet

There you go, MoonBitcoin, MoonLitecoin, MoonDashcoin and MoonDogecoin, just like MoonCash are all made by “the moon team”.

Note: Using CoinPot on any of these is NOT a must but I strongly recommend using it as payouts are instant. However, if want to be paid directly to your personal wallet, payouts are made either weekly or monthly. I did not bother looking into payouts to personal wallets but I know for sure you can withdraw from CoinPot as long as it’s not less than minimum withdraw without charges.

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7 thoughts on “Earn Free Bitcoin Cash Every 5 Minutes And Other Altcoin

    1. Hi Hope, I’m glad you loved the article. In the article, I was talking about an altcoin, which is “Bitcoin Cash”. However, to earn “Bitcoin” itself off a faucet could take forever due to its high value. But if you still want to go ahead, you can claim from bitcoin satoshi on moon bitcoin, the link is http://bit.ly/2AxRHS9
      I would encourage you to join coinpot.co, after that, you can use the coinpot email address to claim your bitcoin earnings from moon bitcoin.
      I will be publishing an article about coinpot, which will point the benefits of using it.

      1. Thank you for your quick response,
        i will surely consider your advice

        The “Satoshi” are diffeent fro “Bitcoins”??

  1. Not really. When we talk about “bitcoin satoshi”, we are referring to values on the left side of the decimal point.

    For example, it would take forever to read the bitcoin value 0.00000001 BTC right? Well this value can simply be read as 1 Satoshi. Satoshi’s are of very low value.

    from the above conversion, you probably noticed that 1 bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshi
    Follow this link to check link http://prntscr.com/i5ujvu, it’s a screenshot I took of different bitcoin conversions.

    Cryptocurrencies other than the bitcoin are called altcoin. There is list of them on https://coinmarketcap.com

  2. Thanks once more Sir
    I now understand something about this
    I was abit confused on the conversion part..
    Am now clear

    thanks 🙂

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